General Granite Care & Maintenance

Granite is a very durable material which has scratch, stain and heat resistant properties but to protect your investment please consider the following:

Normal kitchen utensils will not mark. Diamond, Tungsten and Gemstone WILL scratch.

Granite should not stain under normal conditions.  However, some materials are more porus than others.  As a precaution do not store containers of oil or margarine on granite surfaces.  Prolonged exposure to oil or dyes marks granite.  Wipe up spills.  Colouring agents will stain some lighter materials.

Wax regularly to build up a counter resistance to staining.

Use discretion.  Beware of very hot items, large deep saucepans or superheated fry pans [cast iron] which may cause cracking or crazing.

Use hot soapy water or your preferred liquid cleaner.
A steelo pad can be used to remove any food residues that cannot be easily removed by your dishcloth.
Window cleaning products provide a streak-free finish.

Granite will retain its polish indefinitely but this can be enhanced by using any wax based compound. We recommend aerosol polishes such as Pledge.

We also supply a natural based cleaner Litho Fin Clean which us specifically for stone worktops. Always remember that unless fully-supported, natural stone is a fragile material.  Avoid sitting or standing on unsupported stone items.

Provided the above considerations are remembered a natural stone surface will last indefinitely.

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